Dark Retreats

When you go into the dark and this becomes total, the darkness soon turns into light.

Mantak Chia, The Tao

Why Darkness?

A Dark Room Retreat is a unique experience. It helps to quiet the mind and gives the body an incredible rest, supporting its own natural rejuvenation. Meditation in the dark naturally stimulates the pineal gland enhancing clarity and discernment. A dark retreat is an ancient healing practice, especially helpful during challenging times, or when you need a deeply restorative break.

During a dark retreat, you eat, sleep and practice silently in the dark for as long as you please. We recommend a minimum of 3 days.

What are the living conditions like in the dark?

The room is basic and comfortable, designed to minimize external stimuli so that the mind can focus inward. It has a single bed, a platform for meditation, and one for meals. The room has a cold shower with a sink and a flush toilet. The floor has enough room for yoga and movement practices. There is a ventilation fan which lets air in and out as you please, plus a small AC unit and a ceiling fan keeping the temperature comfortable. The room is not soundproof but the area is generally quiet depending on the activity in the center. We provide earplugs and drinking water.

What about food?

Our plant-based eatery will provide you with nourishing meals. They will be delivered two or three times daily depending on your preference. Delivery is through a light-sealed opening. You will be advised by a knock at the door. You can send written messages through this same opening if you are in need of anything, including spiritual support.

What kind of experiences should I expect?

A dark room is a place for inner discovery. Some people come face to face with fears and challenging thoughts. In fact, this practice is so healing in part because it helps you to face your fears and move through them with grace. You may also experience illuminating visions and a deep sense of peace.

If your physical condition is good, we recommend that you stay in the room for the duration of your planned retreat, even if you are faced with challenges.

On your way out be kind to yourself and take some time to integrate. It is not recommended to jump right into work or even much conversation. To receive the full benefits of the retreat, it is important to have time to rest, get in contact with your senses again, and surround yourself with peaceful nature.

Post-Retreat Integration

Think you could use a bit more guidance and support once you are out of darkness?

We know a Dark Retreat can be quite a deep inner journey and can bring intense realizations, emotions, and insights. For an additional fee of US$75, we are now offering 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions with one of our lead teachers to help you to process and integrate post-retreat.

You’ll have an opportunity to discuss your experience and get tips on what may help you get back to day-to-day life.

Please let us know if you’re interested in booking one of these sessions after the retreat.



“I can best describe a dark retreat as the best thing I do not want to do again. Being sensorily deprived showed me an incredible amount about my mind, my wounds, and my unconscious patterns. Many were hard truths that would’ve been hard to see or face otherwise. The experience was incredibly uncomfortable, yet powerful because of this. I am glad I did it.”