Personal Retreats

The growing and expanding wings are physically less painful just today! Thank you for the workshop. I had no idea what to expect but I learned new things and felt loved and supported.

Pamela, Australia

Personal Retreats


Our personal retreat experience is a brilliant opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating time in lush Ubud in the middle of rice fields.

Each retreat format has a very personalized approach; you will be met exactly where you are at in terms of yoga and meditation practices, discourses and sessions.

You can book the retreat as a one-on-one experience or with your group of friends.

Clients booking the same dates are brought together only if their needs meet. Some sessions, like private consultation, remain one-on-one.

    Love says ‘I am everything.’
    Wisdom says ‘I am nothing.’
    Between the two, my life flows.
    – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    About the Offerings

    Each of our four retreats includes

    • Approx 9h of teaching consisting of (3h daily)
    • Meditation and yoga classes every day
    • Discourses on meditation, ayurveda, holistic health and/or wellbeing
    • Private holistic health and yoga therapy consultation, class and written personal program (Yoga therapy consultation not included in Meditation 101 retreat)
    • 1h therapeutic Balinese massage session as a gift for booking through this site
    • 1 steam room and ice-bath session
    • 4 nights accommodation
    • 2 detoxifying and nourishing vegan meals during 3 activity days
    • Airport transfer from Denpasar (one way)

    Find more details about the specific benefits and components of each retreat below, as well as the suggested level of experience.

    Meditation 101

    Learn More

    For beginner & intermediate meditators

    ‘The Feminine Way’ Private retreat for Women

    Learn More

    For all levels of determined meditators

    10 Wisdom Goddesses Program Series

    Learn More

    For classical tantra lovers

    Vibrance Wellness Retreat

    Learn More

    For everyone who wants to take charge of their body and their life.

    Retreat Pricing

    Non-residential Package                   $1111 USD

    Standard Package          $2111 USD

    Comfort Package          $2333 USD


    Non-residential Package                  $777 USD

    Standard Package          $999 USD

    Comfort Package          $1222 USD

    Choose your package according to your accommodation preferences:

    Non-residential Package:

    • Stay in your own accommodation offsite but enjoy all of the additional perks included in the retreat such as meals, airport transfer, etc.

    Comfort Package:

    • Standard private room with AC, garden, kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. Some of the rooms have pool access. Contact us for specific requests

    Luxury Package:

    • Luxury private room with AC, king-sized bed, en-suite private bathroom,  kitchen and pool

    *Due to high demand for our onsite lodging, you may be housed at a nearby resort within walking distance of Samyama.

    *Additional nights per package including 3h of teaching and 2 meals a day are: luxury (533 USD) and comfort (388 USD).

    Special Discount

    Friends & Family: Sign up as a pair sharing a room/bed and both of you will get 15% off the full retreat price. For booking separate rooms a 10 % discount is applied.

    Meditation 101

    For beginner & intermediate meditators

    Meditation is much more than just sitting cross-legged with closed eyes. Find out what meditation is; how it can change your brain and your habits. Discover what type of meditation works for you!

    If you are tempted to learn about the popular practice of meditation but have doubts about whether or not you are cut out for it, this retreat is for you.

    EVERYONE can do it! You just need the right guidance.

    Broaden your understanding of meditation and begin your own practice with this 3 day meditation and yoga retreat.

    This retreat offers: 

    • A clear introduction to meditation as a time-honored and scientifically studied practice that literally changes your brain.
    • Useful warm-ups, concentration exercises, yoga postures and breathing practices that will prepare your body and mind. You can use them anytime, anywhere!
    • Initiation into a variety of meditation styles from diverse traditions will help you discover what actually works for you.

      ‘The Feminine Way’ Private retreat for Women

      This retreat is a game changer! You will obtain real tools to take away and create a life that is wanted, not the one we thought we were handed. 
      A deep work into your feminine essence awaits. Following an initial intake, you will be guided into the esoteric teachings of tantra, rejuvenating practices of yoga therapy and ayurveda concluding with profound ritual and dance.

      10 Wisdom Goddesses Program Series

      For classical tantra lovers

      This retreat offers a profound and authentic experience of classical tantra. Offered in a hybrid format it is a holistic immersion into the 10 Mahavidya’s; the Cosmic Powers of Wisdom.
      The in-person retreat experience will start with an intake meeting to decide with which Goddess the work should proceed. Following the intake, we will build the yantra of the Goddess for daily meditation of 1h minimum with a special mantra you will be initiated in. When appropriate to the selected Goddess, a fire ceremony is also conducted. There will be 2 short discourses followed up by a Q&A session.
      This experience will be supported by a strong online platform for deeper study. You will have access to approx. 15 hours of pre-recorded teaching consisting of philosophical aspects of the Goddess of your choosing based on existing studies, practical tools for practice and personal stories from practitioners of this path.

      These retreats are ideal if:

      • You are looking for an extra spark to awaken your kundalini in a safe way
      • You want to feel more powerful in your daily life and in your yoga/meditation practice
      • You are curious about the mystical dimensions only accessible to a few practitioners
      • You are a yoga/meditation teacher yourself and would like to integrate these teachings into your work

      Vibrance Wellness Retreat

      This best-seller retreat is for everyone who wants to take charge of their body and their life.

      It is an initiation to life; in a healthy body with balanced emotions and a clear mind.

      You will learn practical and efficient ways to let go of limiting fears and build up the strength to introduce lasting change in your life.

      This retreat is offered as a private, one-to-one or small group experience according your time and availability