What is Cold Water Rebirthing?

Written by Devlin

Many years ago, when I first heard about cold water rebirthing breathwork my first thought was ‘no fking way, are you crazy?!!’ I had always hated the cold. Stick me in a hot tub to breathe? Sure, no problem! But cold? No thanks. I wouldn’t have even done it, but it was part of the course curriculum during my training in Rebirthing Breathwork. Honestly, I wanted to skip school on those classes, but I also sensed there must be something there – beyond my massive wall of resistance! So I grabbed hold of that profound spiritual aphorism – ‘Fk it’ – and turned to face the cold.

I was afraid. Part of me really did not want to do it. But some other part was calling me. Can I do this? We began to breathe using a special breath technique that activates energy, emotions and spiritual connection. Very slowly, over the course of an hour, I gradually immersed my body. As I did I realized something – the cold from the outside was being met by the fire that I was generating from the inside– using the rebirthing breath to build my inner fire, to raise my inner aliveness to meet that cold from outside.

Rather than feeling like an ordeal, it actually felt exhilarating. I felt a total embodied aliveness. In my final moments of immersion, I was in total ecstasy, laughing my ass off over how afraid I had been before– seeing that fear of the mind– and how I had not just overcome the fear, but seen it as a total lie. A lie that had been keeping me small. We are powerful beyond measure – this is what it showed me, not just as words, but as a lived and fully embodied experience.

I’m super stoked to now be offering cold water rebirthing breath journeys. Just to make clear, this is not Wim Hof style; this is a different way of meeting the cold, and finding the healing medicine in the depths of those waters.

By the end people feel reborn, re-aligned, re-attuned to the full-blown awesomeness of  themselves. I know this cold water breathing might sound a bit edgy or even a bit crazy to begin with. But there’s a real wisdom contained within it. So if you feel the call of the waters, come join us. Your life really may never be the same again!

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