The Value of Silence

The Value of Silence

Written by Andrea

Why Silence?

During these times in which spiritual teachers are being hunted down, and the role of master is being minimalized out of fear, conditioning is still our closest reality. Spiritual life seems to be classified into ‘spiritual bypass’ categories, giving more power to our wounds and egoic structures. We have even started paying more attention to internet influencers, often stuck in egoic mindsets, than to simple people who have experienced and touched the depths of our Self. Nowadays, silence is becoming an invaluable commodity whose simplicity is widely overlooked.

Where can I find silence?

Since arriving in Ubud, I have noticed how chaotic this place is. Amongst the movement and energy, we seem less inclined to sit quietly, listen to our hearts, or contemplate nature and the simplicity of being.

Offering ecstatic dance or a juicy “tantric experience” is easy here while not many seem to value the importance of sharing silence, even in togetherness.

Silence on this island is becoming a rare utopia, often overlooked as a healing process beneficial to many. It is especially beneficial during times of stress and anxiety or when we just need some space. Joining a silent meditation retreat, even for only three days can be life-altering.

What are the benefits of silence?

It is true that silence heals, but that is just a byproduct. It is very much forgotten that silence is a portal or gateway to a more spacious and timeless dimension of ourselves. Through practice, we can learn tap into it freely and openly. Except when sitting in silent meditation retreats, we often forget its full value.

Establishing our roots in the silent heart is essential if we want to create all of those beautiful sparks that this world needs. The amount of chaos we endure, due to our untrained minds, is becoming unsuitable for healthy living. We must pay attention.

It is crucial for our health and wellbeing to take a step inward and re-evaluate our priorities. We are being called to be better vessels of this natural understanding from a more stable place. To better serve our communities and the greater community, it begins with a return to our simple, playful, and truly creative selves.

A few years ago, my life completely changed. Not because I won the lottery, got a new wife, or became the new internet guru. My life changed from the inside. That experience is still present within me. I can have a taste of it each time I value sitting in silence and reconnecting to that. The real fact is that it is available to everyone who gives value to it.

How can I become more deeply rooted in silence?

Sitting with a teacher who holds that space for you can be an essential start. I have personally done so many silent meditation retreats to root myself in silence. In the end, it is not how many retreats we have done, but how much value we are still giving it every day.

I have learned many things, from juicy tantric practices to energy-based forms of yoga. I have learned about manifesting abundance in this realm and how to enter into contact with spirits of nature. Still, today what I value the most is when the mind silently meets the heart in restful awareness.

Valuing silence is the only true gift we can offer to ourselves and future generations. Devaluing it with new trends or very elaborate reasons is still favoring societal conditioning over the depth of real Self-discovery and equanimity of being.

Silence is the gateway to a fulfilling and peaceful existence. Honoring and valuing stillness is reminding ourselves that life is a true gift. Peace is a natural consequence of what we choose to value and joy is the result of the everlasting gratitude of being.

Interested in joining a silent meditation retreat?

Samyama offers 3 and 6-day Spiritual Heart Silent Meditation Retreats in Ubud, Bali. Contact us for more infromation.

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