Samyama Birthday Celebration

Samyama was born out of a moment of Joy and insight in the pure recognition of that spark of light in every living thing in this Universe. Samyama was born as a reminder of that seed of consciousness and meant to stay as a reminder of that.

Within the creative process and the challenges of every form which takes shape in a manifested reality, today we celebrate not only this place which has been called home for many over the last years, but every human being who have contributed to support, maintain and sustain this project, enriching its essence and facilitating its becoming with care, dedication and love.

5 years

We are here reminding our purity of intentions, the dedication and resilience of each individual and celebrating this space as a reminder of trust in life, of that hope in our hearts which allowed an unknown form to take place and become alive here in this small village of Mas, Ubud Bali years ago and still alive today.

We are expressing gratitude for the people of Bali, this land and the numerous teachings and blessings which came through over time which have paved the destiny of this project shaping our life and souls in ways we could not possibly imagine.

With Gratitude


Samyama team

It’s Our Birthday & You Are Invited!

Where: At our beautiful center Samyama Mindfulness
When: June 23rd
What: Details below / please RSVP if interested

Donation-based events

Open for all

Samyama Celebrates our 5 Year Anniversary with Classes, Balian Purification Ceremony & Ecstatic Bhajan Celebration. Join us in our gratitude and make a chance on winning Free Retreats & Teacher Training Scholarship spots!

It’s our birthday and we would love to celebrate this with you by sharing our immense gratitude.

“Practicing gratitude centers us in the joy and abundance of our own life!”

~ an expression of Santosha – contentment – is the 3rd yogic virtue on the path of yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Santosha invites us to cultivate a state of contentment – unconditional joy – by acceptance of the moment & gratitude for what we have.

9 Samyama 5 year Anniversary Schedule – June 23, 2024

9am – 10:30am Tantra Yoga & Heart Centered Meditation
11am – 1pm Breath Training, Ice Bath & Steam
2:30pm – 4pm Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing
4:30pm - 6pm Melukat Balinese Purification Ceremony with Balian Healer
6pm - 7pm Buffet Dinner moving slowly into Bhajans
7pm - 9pm Ecstatic Bhajans Celebration

Everyone that joins us will receive a little gift and the possibility to play the Awareness Game Quiz, making a chance to win amazing prizes!

Prize winners will be announced during the Ecstatic Bhajans Celebration at 7pm.

Prizes include:

  • 1 day Santosha Yoga Retreat
  • 3 day Spiritual Heart Silent Meditation Retreat
  • 200h Scholarship in our Meditation Yoga Teacher Training
  • Free Eatery Vouchers

Are you feeling called to go into retreat?

Are you available June 23rd?

And would you love to receive the jewel of Santosha by dwelling in a river of love, celebration & joy with us!

Register here to secure your place throughout the day. Join 1 class or be with us all day! Simply fill out this form to RSVP to any of the above offerings. All classes are free or by donation.


You can also join us in celebrating our 5th anniversary with a special treat! Receive a 5% discount on all our courses or retreats when you book from our website during the month of June. Don’t miss out!


Our Policies

Deposit & Payment Policy

For the month of June 2024 receive 5% off the total cost of any product, course or retreat when booked in June only.
Deposit fee will vary depending on each product.

The fee for any course must be paid in full at least 14 days before the start date of the retreat. If balance remains unpaid, the booking is not confirmed.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

A participant is eligible for 100% refund of a deposit if Samyama is notified at least 120 days prior to the retreat start date.
A participant will be eligible for 50% refund of a deposit if Samyama is notified at least 90 days prior to retreat start date.
There will be no refund of deposit if participation is cancelled less than 90 days prior to retreat start date.
Date change without loss of deposit is possible if Samyama is notified at least 30 days before the retreat start date. We allow one date change to save your deposit. Deposit must be used for a retreat offered within the next 12 months.
If we’re notified about a date change less than 30 days before retreat start date, a re-booking fee of US$50 is required to move the dates.
In all circumstances, when a refund is made, transfer charges will be covered by the participant, not Samyama. This means Samyama will deduct the transfer charge from the total refund sent.
A participant is eligible for 50% refund of the total retreat fees if Samyama is notified at least 7 days prior to the retreat start date.
There will be no refund of deposit or retreat fees for cancellations made less than 7 days before the retreat start date.
If a participant must cancel after paying in full and cancellation is made more than 7 days before retreat start date, the participant may use their balance (total retreat fees – deposit) to book another course at a later date that starts within 12 months. This means, the participant will need to pay another deposit to compensate for the last minute cancellation.
There will be no refund of deposits or retreat fees paid for no-shows, unless major incidents such as death or natural disaster. Force majeure incidents are at the discretion of Samyama management.